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2020 Honours/Masters Conference > Dynamic Worlds
Mapping the Effects of Human-Shark Encounters on the South Coast of New South Wales: Teaniel Mifsud: (299,868.0 Kb)
The Influence of Coral Reef Spur and Groove Morphology on Wave Attenuation: Lachlan Perris: (143,423.0 Kb)
2020 Honours/Masters Conference > Food and Agriculture
Understanding how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the food environments of university students in Sydney using photovoice: Marie Harrowell: (283,494.6 Kb)
When women become farmers: exploring the agency, practices and contribution of new women farmers toward sustainable food systems in the Netherlands: Natascha Arndt: (318,896.1 Kb)
2020 Honours/Masters Conference > Keynote
Keynote: Dr Marilu Melo: (########## Kb)