Postdoctoral Conference IAG Travel Grants

Annual Awards for Postdoctoral Scholars

Application closing date: Monday, 19th June 2023
The Geographical Society of NSW introduced the Postdoctoral Scholar Awards in 2015.  The awards are targeted at early-career researchers, post-PhD submission. The aim of these awards is to support the research program of early career geographers in their efforts to maintain research momentum, post doctorate. There are a maximum of six annual awards available between $500AUD and $1,500AUD for postdoctoral geography scholars.
Priority for these awards will be given to geographers who are otherwise ineligible for institutional internal research funding and/or who have no individual recourse to external research funding. You must be a current member of the Society when applying for this Award. 
This award is intended to be used for attendance to the IAG conference at which the applicant will present a paper on a topic relating to geography. 

Applicants are asked to fill out a form at:

Please direct any enquires to the Society's Executive Officer, Madeleine Miller:


Recipients in recent years are:

Dr Harriet Narwal 

Dr Chieh Ming Lai

Dr Lara Newman


Dr Abraham Gibson

Dr Kiran Maharjan

Dr Alistair Sisson


Dr Sirma Altun

Dr Bronwyn Bate

Dr Ari Jerrems

Dr Ryan Jones

Dr Isaac Lyne

Dr Kiran Maharajan

Dr Charishma Ratnam

Dr Sarah Robertson

Dr Blanche Verlie

Dr Peta Wolifson


Dr Paula Satizábal

Oznur Sahin

Dr Thomas Job

Dr Thea Hewitt

Sophie-May Kerr

Naama Blatman


Dr Philippa Chandler

Dr Yu Gao

Dr Marnie Graham

Dr. Denisse Rodriguez

Dr Peta Wolifson


Dr Susannah Clement

Dr Tegan Hall

Dr Alanna Kamp

Dr Elyse Stanes

Dr Husnia Underabi


Dr Laura Hammersley

Dr Yichi Zhang

Dr Charles Gillion

Dr Sonia Graham

Dr Svenja Keele


Dr Ellen van Holstein

Dr Todd Walton

Dr Rebecca Hamilton

Dr Olivia Dun


Dr Theresa Harada

Dr Ju-Han Zoe Wang

Dr Ann El Khoury