Why Study Geography?

Why Study Geography?

Young people are sometimes unsure what the subject of Geography is about. Perhaps they have some idea from school, or from their parents and friends. They might be wondering why they should study geography, what will they be doing, how might it help them and how will they use this knowledge in their future careers.

To assist young people (and perhaps the not so young) answer these questions, the Geographical Society of NSW has commissioned the following four videos in our series Why Study Geography? Click on the links below to see and hear successful young geographers from four different universities in NSW explain why they became interested in studying geography, what they like about geography, what research they have been doing recently and how they think geography will help them in their careers.


Jennifer Jackett (University of Sydney)    

Jennifer Jackett

Alex Tindale

    Alex Tindale (University of Wollongong)

Nerida Godfrey (University of New South Wales)    

Nerida Godfrey

Ryan Jones

    Ryan Jones (University of Newcastle)