Honours/Masters Conference

In 1997 the Society initiated the “Inaugural Fourth Year Student Project Conference”, now known as the “Honours/Masters Conference”. The aim of the conference is to showcase honours research undertaken in university geography (and cognate areas) across the State of NSW.

The conference aims include:

  • To provide an opportunity for recently completed honours students to communicate the results of their research
  • To showcase the variety of honours projects being conducted at NSW universities, and
  • To provide avenue for these students to present a conference paper on their research in a supportive environment, gain constructive feedback and meet students and staff members from other universities
  • To enable Honours students to share their research experience with Honours candidates from various universities

The one-day conference brings together recently completed Honours students who are working in a range of Schools in NSW and who have focused on a particular aspect of geographical research during their Honours year.

The conference is now an annual event hosted at the universities in rotation:

Conference Year Location
1 1997 UNSW
2 1998 Wollongong
3 1999 Sydney
4 2000 Macquarie
5 2001 Newcastle
6 2002 UNSW
7 2003 Sydney
8 2004 Wollongong
9 2005 Macquarie
10 2006 Newcastle
11 2007 UNSW
12 2008 Sydney
13 2009 Wollongong
14 2010 Macquarie
15 2011 Newcastle
16 2012 Sydney
17 2013 WSU
18 2014 UNSW
19 2015 Wollongong
20 2016 Macquarie
21 2017 Newcastle
22 2018 Sydney
23 2019 WSU


Programs and abstracts from some of the more recent conferences can be found here.