University Student Prizes

The Geographical Society commenced awarding a University Prize to the outstanding geography students at the University of Sydney in the early 1940s.  The number of prizes increased as new departments of geography opened throughout New South Wales after World War II and eventually, prizes were awarded annually to students from all nine NSW Universities who topped geography in second year.  

At the 2016 Planning Day, Council proposed to increase the number of prizes so that a prize is given to the top student at each university in NSW in each of the following years; year 1, year 2 and year 3. The proposal was approved at a Council meeting held 20 February 2017. 

Students receive a certificate, $100 cheque, 12-month membership to the Society and an invitation to our Awards Night dinner.

Recipients in recent years are:


First Year
Second Year
Third Year

Australian Catholic University

Kimberley Houseman Sophie Mulley Bianka Rubelj

Macquarie University

Mathew Lindsay

Rachel Hughes

Jacqueline King

University of Newcastle

Sophie Pizzuto Zoe Lewis Kate Falkenmire

University of New England

Lachlan Eager  


Laura Jayne Lubrano

Kristy O'Sullivan

University of New South Wales

Imogen Irmhilt Ruberg Christian James Keyes Panayiotis Panaretos

University of New South Wales (ADFA)

Julie Gillies Elspeth Keele Jack Palmer

University of Sydney

Thomas Chang Lauren Ann MacRae Elona Gillian Rey-Costa

University of Wollongong

Timothy Wall Taneesha Amos-Hampson Emily Wells

Western Sydney University

Mariam Abbas Alice Bowen Nathan Reynolds
First Year
Second Year
Third Year

Australian Catholic University

Samuel Ashton Caitlyn Tuckerman Mariam Jebara

Macquarie University

Rachel Hughes


Thomas Cocks

Johanne Maline Hoeppner

Zak Baillie

University of Newcastle

Kelly Jones Elsa Berger Laura Mason

University of New England

Tionne Hilder Ruth Burger Erika Donadini

University of New South Wales

Gabrielle Brennan Panayiotis Panaretos Adriana Zaja

University of New South Wales (ADFA)

Riley Bradford Jack Palmer Izaak Gurney

University of Sydney

Kevin Huang Olivia Grivas Leah Emmanuel

University of Wollongong

Maddison Shaw Rebecca Vaartjes Carly May Boag

Western Sydney University

Surreti Bajwa Liam Butler German Nkomo



Australian Catholic University – Bree Fuller
Macquarie University – Ryan White
University of New England – Erin Richmond
University of New South Wales – Natascha Arndt
University of New South Wales (ADFA) – Sally Shanahan
University of Newcastle – Bethany Butchers
University of Sydney – Rachel Horwood
Western Sydney University – Alyce Noney
University of Wollongong – Carly May Boag



Australian Catholic University – Katherine Easey
Macquarie University – Bethany Slough
University of New England – Karen Cassidy
University of New South Wales – Nicola Michelle Warton
University of New South Wales (ADFA) – Sarah Eileen Moriarty
University of Newcastle – Jasmine Horrocks
University of Sydney – Serena Yeung
Western Sydney University – Jasmine Marie Bidois
University of Wollongong – Rebecca Lee Williams



Australian Catholic University - Sophia Belluccini
Macquarie University - Alena Stirton
University of New England - Petra Szabo
University of New South Wales - Darren (Yu Zhang) Jing
University of New South Wales (ADFA) - Michael Hutchesson
University of Newcastle - Nirvana Taborin
University of Sydney - Hannah John
University of Western Sydney - Petra Szabo
University of Wollongong - Nathan Cooper

Click here to meet the winners and read of their backgrounds and hopes and plans for the future.

Australian Catholic University - Lauren Cheung
Macquarie University - Simon Mould
University of New England - Tegan Morgan
University of New South Wales - Katherine Mackellar
University of New South Wales (ADFA) - Corina Forner
University of Newcastle - Ainslia Hughes
University of Newcastle - Melinda Weston
University of Sydney - Shi-Ling Kou
University of Western Sydney - Alicia Hall
University of Wollongong - Ruslan Simpson

A profile of each can be seen here.


Australian Catholic University - Natalie Neilson
Macquarie University - Christopher James Patfield
University of New England - Michelle Hales
University of New South Wales - Robbie Charles Bishop-Taylor
University of New South Wales (ADFA) - Brianna McConville
University of Newcastle - Rachel Donnelly
University of Newcastle - Melina Ey
University of Sydney - Amy Ianson
University of Western Sydney - Rachelle Dimitui
University of Wollongong - Nicola Curtis


University of Wollongong  - Melinda Smart
University of New England - Anthony McCosker
University of Newcastle - Jessica Petherbridge
University of Sydney - Laura Woollacott
Macquarie University - Nicole Ann Ashby
University of New South Wales - Melinda Norquay
University of New South Wales (ADFA) - Kate Sewell



Adrian Malyon                                          Isabelle Whitehead                                              Alex Tindale
University of New South Wales               University of Sydney                                            University of Wollongong


Macquarie University - Veronica Jarron
University of New England - Sarah Heagney
University of New South Wales - Hugh Burley
University of Sydney - Anna Helfensdorfer
University of Wollongong - Ellen Swanson



Macquarie University - Melissa Lee
University of Newcastle - Martin Amidy
University of Sydney - Sabin Zahirovic
University of Wollongong - Brittany Johansen-Dibden



Macquarie University - Jennifer Ingram
University of Newcastle - Daniel Lambert
University of New South Wales - Samantha Travers
University of New South Wales, ADFA - Ashleigh Payne and Sarah Tame
University of Sydney - Amelia Roberts
University of Wollongong - Eliza de Vet of page