The Society's conduct is governed by its Constitution.  As may be expected of a society with a history spanning eight decades, the Constitution has been amended several times to reflect changing needs.  For example, to better comply with State Government regulations and financial reporting the Society was incorporated in 1992, becoming the Geographical Society of New South Wales Incorporated, and its constitution was amended accordingly.  More recent amendments were made in 2001, 2003, 2006 and 2010.

A current copy of the Constitution is available for download here.


The Society is a member-based organisation governed by an elected Council that is required to meet at least twice per year. The Council, elected by members at the Annual General Meeting, comprises a President, four Vice-Presidents, two Honorary Secretaries, two Honorary Treasurers and eight other members. Each year the Council has, in addition to regular Council meetings, a Planning Day to address issues of a long-term nature for the organisation.

Day-to-day business between Council meetings is conducted in the first instance by the Executive Committee, which comprises the President, the two Honorary Secretaries, the two Honorary Treasurers and the most immediate Past President. This is a committee of the Council, and operates within the powers granted to it by the elected Council.

The current Council members and their positions within the Council can be seen here.