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2020 Honours/Masters Conference > Keynote
Keynote: Dr Marilu Melo: (########## Kb)
2021 Honours/Masters Conference
Publishing in the Australian Geographer_Chris Gibson and Announcing Awards: This recording includes Chris Gibson's "Publishing in the Australian Geographer" workshop at the 2021 Honours/Masters Conference. It also includes the presentation of the Jim Rose Conference Awards. (391,588.8 Kb)
Annual minutes and reports > Annual Reports
93rd Annual Report of the Geographical Society of New South Wales (2019-2020): (438.5 Kb)
Annual minutes and reports > Minutes AGM
Minutes 93rd AGM (2020): (945.0 Kb)
Former Members of Council
Committee Structure 2018-2019: (563.6 Kb)
Committee Structure 2021-2022: (167.0 Kb)
Committee Structure 2020-2021: (169.3 Kb)
Honours/Masters Conference Programs
2021 Honours/Masters Conference Program: (678.5 Kb)
Postgraduate Workshops > Postgraduate Seminar Series 1 (2021)
Slides Tiny Texts Workshop: Assoc. Prof. Rae Dufty-Jones: (9,915.2 Kb)
Tiny Texts: How To Use The Abstract To Draft And Edit Your Academic Texts: Assoc. Prof. Rae Dufty-Jones: (161,883.2 Kb)