Our journal - Australian Geographer

Australian Geographer is the oldest academic Geography journal in Australia. It is published in four issues per year and is included in a number of key citation indexes. The journal emphasizes accessible, high-quality writing that communicates clearly to a wide-ranging readership across academic, educational, policy and general interest communities.

Launched in 1928, the journal publishes rigorous, peer-reviewed research that aims to shift academic and public debate on matters of societal and environmental consequence. Australian Geographer focuses primarily on two areas of research: Australia and its region, including developments, issues and policies in Australia, the western Pacific, the Indian Ocean, Asia and Antarctica; and environmental studies, particularly the biophysical environment and human interactions with it.

Australian Geographer is published by Routledge Taylor and Francis Group and is edited by Associate Professor Kathy Mee. The editorial team prioritises efficient and rigorous peer-review, and a typically rapid path to publication.

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