Geog Soc intends this website to be of use to our members and to visitors, so under Resources we are providing a range of useful and interesting items that we believe may assist members, prospective geography students, and people who are keen to learn more about geography and geographers in NSW, Australia and internationally.

We are providing details of our journal, Australian Geographer, and other publications by Geog Soc members. There is also a Resource Library which contains excellent reports of Study Tours and Travellers Club presentations, and Geog Soc Newsletters.  If you are interested in photographs of geographical features, please visit our Photo Gallery, which has been developed through the generous contributions of some of our members.  In addition to these resources, we are also providing links to geography organisations and educational institutions where students interested in learning more about geography can learn and see possibilities for future study.  After viewing this useful information, why not test your knowledge of geography with our regular competition, Where in the World? It's a fun way to learn a little more about geography.