If you are interested in photographs of geographical features or aspects of human geography, please see our galleries below, which have been developed through the generous contributions of some of our members.  We keep our photos in several categories.  Choose one from the drop-down list below and hit the Select button.  Our categories are:

  Agriculture   animals, crops, farms, farmers, irrigation, viticulture
  Coasts, Islands & Oceans beach, dunes, erosion, ports, ocean,surf, waves
  Deserts       cold deserts, montane deserts, human life in deserts, dry valleys, oasis
  Human Settlement cities, housing, industry, shops, towns, villages
  Mining & Energy aerial views, coal, gold, miners, open-cut, oil and petroleum, pits, tailings, underground
  Miscellaneous general, miscellaneous
  Mountains base, meadows, outcrops, skiing, summit, tree-line, volcanoes, glaciers
  People of the World people from different parts of the world
  Transport active, air, infrastructure, rail, road, sustainable, water
  Vegetation & Habitat forests, savanna, grasslands, swamps
  Water, Rivers and Lakes erosion, flooding, lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls
  Geog Soc People members, councillors, award winners, prize winners, orators
  Geog Soc Events conferences, award dinners


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