About Us

The Geographical Society of New South Wales is a professional society whose members are geography academics, teachers, practising geographers from both the public and private spheres, and other interested members of the public.


The Society's mission is to advance geography in New South Wales and throughout Australia. It is a professional organisation dedicated to the promotion, support and, when necessary, the defence of geographical research, scholarship and education. It encourages geographical submissions to appropriate authorities on the management of environmental and social issues in Australia. The Society aspires to an expansion of geographical literacy among the public of NSW.


The objectives of the Society are to encourage the growth and diffusion of geographical knowledge by:

  • publishing a journal;
  • arranging a program of lectures, discussions, films and excursions;
  • organising a program of study tours;
  • accumulating a library of written works and maps;
  • awarding prizes to recognise excellence in geography;
  • encouraging of quality teaching and research; and
  • collaborating with kindred bodies on matters of common interest.


The Society endeavours to expand public interest in geography through the provision of lecturers for student and teacher conferences; the organisation of forums for the presentation and review of geographical research; the granting of academic prizes for contributions to the activities of the Society and to geography and for teaching excellence. The Society is responsible for Australia's oldest academic international geography journal Australian Geographer, it publishes newsletters, and maintains a series of conference proceedings. The Society supports a series of Study Tours that are organised and run at regular intervals to interesting and topical destinations. The Society monitors and makes recommendations on policies and plans which will impact upon geographical research and teaching. It encourages geographical submissions to appropriate authorities on the management of, environmental and social issues in Australia.