Postgraduate Student Conference Travel Grant to the IAG

Postgraduate Student Conference Travel Grant to the IAG

Application closing date: Monday, 19th of June 2023

The Geographical Society of New South Wales is proud to announce it will be offering financial support to Postgraduate students currently enrolled in an Australian university to travel to Perth for the 2023 IAG Conference. Typically, GSNSW has held a postgraduate event alongside the IAG up to the value of $2000. As this is not taking place this year, GSNSW is using these funds to financially assist postgraduate students to travel to the IAG instead. Whilst the maximum grant is $500 per awardee, the amount awarded will be dependent on the number of applications and their eligibility with the criteria detailed below. 


Eligibility criteria:

  • A Postgraduate/HDR Student (PhD or Masters) and
  • Presenting a paper at the 2023 IAG Conference


In addition:

  • Priority for these awards will be given to geographers who are otherwise ineligible for institutional internal research funding and/or who have no individual recourse to external research funding. 
  • Applicants need to be a current member of the Society when applying for this Award. Information of GSNSW Membership can be found here:
  • Conference Participation Grants are awarded at the discretion of the GSNSW Council. The amount of each individual grant will vary depending on the number and form of attendance (i.e. online or face to face) of applicants.


Application closing date: 19th June 2023

Notification of success will take place shortly after application deadline. 


If successful, you would need to:

  • Provide evidence of your registration at the 2023 IAG Conference;
  • Provide evidence of your acceptance to present a paper at the 2023 IAG Conference;
  • Be/become a current a financial member of the GSNSW; and
  • Submit a short (200 word) report to the GSNSW within 30 days of the conference outlining participation in the conference and reflections on it for possible inclusion, in whole or part thereof, on the Society’s website.


Applicants are asked to fill out a form at:

Please direct any enquires to the Society's Executive Officer, Madeleine Miller:



Recipients from Recent Years Are:

Melina G Ey

Dongyang Mi

Nadia Degregori

Eliza Crosbie

Elizabeth Murphy 

Jean-Louise Olivier

Jessica Lemire

Elisabetta Crovara

Madeleine Miller

Emma Koch