Welcome to the Geographical Society of New South Wales

The Geographical Society of New South Wales is a professional society whose members are geography academics, teachers, practising geographers from both the public and private spheres, and other interested members of the public.

Encourage - Engage - Excite

The Society's mission is to encourage and promote geography in New South Wales and throughout Australia. The Society both engages and elevates geographical research, scholarship and education. The Society writes and encourages geographical submissions to appropriate authorities on environmental and social issues in Australia. The Society works to support geographical literacy, awareness and inspire enthusiasm for geography among the public in a globally connected world.

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Exhibition - Writing About the Earth

Celebrating Geography and The Geographical Society of New South Wales

The exhibition showcases the evolution of geography in New South Wales.  It highlights how geography shapes the way we understand and think about our world, and the relationship between people and place.  Hosted by the Geographical Society of New South Wales, the exhibition is a fitting tribute to the Society’s 90th birthday this year. 

For more information about the exhibition please Click Here.