Awards, Grants and Competitions

The Geographical Society of New South Wales confers a number of awards that recognise the role that the recipients have made to the discipline of Geography and to its teaching.  These include:

  • Fellowships of the Geographical Society of New South Wales
    The Society awards Fellowships to members who have made a significant contribution to geography and to the work of their professional organisation.
  • Life Membership
    In accordance with the Constitution, the Council may, in special circumstances, accord Life Membership to a member or benefactor who has provided exceptional support to the Society. 
  • Macdonald Holmes Medal
    The Geographical Society together with the Geography Teachers’ Association of New South Wales awards, biennially, the Macdonald Holmes medal to a person deemed to have made a distinguished contribution in the field of geographical education in Australia.
  • Brock Rowe Award
    This award is granted jointly by the Councils of the Geography Teachers’ Association and the Geographical Society, biennially, to persons who have demonstrated consistently, over a period of time, excellence in the teaching of geography in schools.
  • Jim Rose Award
    The Jim Rose Awards are made to the presenters of the best papers at the annual Honours Student Conference for fourth year Geography at New South Wales universities.
  • University Student Prizes
    Each year prizes are awarded to students from all New South Wales universities who topped geography in second year.